A global movement of movements aimed at getting to no place left where Christ is not made known in our generation—no people group, ethnic group, city or segment (Rom. 15:23). We work together to reproduce disciples and churches among the lost until there is no place left.

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Brutal Facts

Population: 625,000

Lostness: 91% (566,000+)

The least religious and church-ed state.

The highest suicide rate per capita.

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NPLVT is the day when every Vermonter has the chance to hear the gospel and that Christians across different churches in every county of Vermont are striving together toward #NoPlaceLeft.

We support existing ministries and provide training to see NPLVT.


Support Your Ministry

If you have events for missions, outreach, discipleship, service projects, fellowship, or leader development, please contact us! We would put you on the list of events for your area.

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is
when brothers dwell in unity!”



We want The Church to be strengthened. So we offer training to be applied in your own context. We can cover specific tools or put on a training event with you:

Gospel Conversations

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